5 Ways to look Beautiful on Diwali

It’s the time for the Great Indian Festival and all of us are all set with the preparations done! Before you gear up for your Diwali gift distributions, take some time out for yourself!

Go for a quick skin rejuvenation to look like a diva this Diwali! Below listed are the 5 essential tips to style yourself and sparkle on the festival :

1. A facial treatment

You must be tired with the regular shopping and continuous guests at home! Give yourself a relaxing session with a hydrating facial treatment. Make your dull looking skin shine and sparkle.

2. Detan treatment

Worried about your dull complexion? Get set for a detan pack to refresh the lost glow and get a bold look for Diwali.

3. Homemade face pack

Make a face pack with home ingredients. Comprising of oats, cucumber, almonds, and yogurt. Apply the mixture on the face and rinse when dry.

4. Diet

Though it is difficult to avoid the fried junk, try and keep a safe distance from deep fried items, your skin won’t love too much oil. opt for healthy food items and give your skin a fresh new start.

5. Sleep patterns

Disturbed sleep can get you dark circles and dull looking skin. have at least 8 hours of sound sleep to get the perfect glow.

Style Simple, look the best this Festive Season!

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