Tips to Stay Protected in Weather Change

Did you wake up with an aching body and sore throat? And cannot recall if you had any of the symptoms yesterday? This may be an effect of weather change. Right after one season bids a goodbye and another comes in, it becomes tough for our body to adapt the temperature changes.

Tips to stay protected in weather change - Heycare

Common cold and flu is the most common issue which tends to make its way to a human body! Doctors say an average adult gets common cold thrice a year, each lasting average for a week. The symptoms can put your life on hold as the body needs complete rest.

Here are the secret tips to stay protected in weather change :-

1. Limit sugar

Cut down the sugar consumption as it is always a Burdon on the immune system. Sugar takes the time to digest, large sugar consumption can make it even harder for the body to fight back.

2. Sleep more

A relaxing sleep is the most rejuvenating process for the body. sleep more and let your body rest and repair itself. Take a minimum of 8 hours of sleep to wake up fresh.

3. Ayurveda

Ayurveda has some ancient solutions to develop immunity. Add ginger, garlic, and onion to your daily diet. They contain immune boosting properties to help you stay healthy, whatever be the season.

4. Do not overdo your exercise

Your body needs rest as the season changes, do not overdo your gym or any strenuous physical activities especially weight lifting, jogging and running, they can cause stress to the body and put another challenge to the immunity.

5. Dress accordingly

If the temperature seems a bit cold outside, it is better to protect yourself and cover your body. wear full sleeves, avoid going out with wet hairs and cut down your chilled water intake.

Take the necessary precautions and stay healthy in the changing weather.

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