Uncover the Facts about Teenage Hair Loss

Hair thinning, bald patches, excessive hair loss and regular hair fall is not just a matter of concern for adults but, even children can face the same issues. While we think the matter only lies within the age group of 30-50 but the scenario uncovers the fact about teenage hair loss.

Uncover the Facts about Teenage Hair Loss - Heycare

Yes, all these issues can occur in ages between 14-18 too. How? Well, there can be many reasons, it may be due to illness, stress related factors or it may be a medical condition which is destroying the hair quality and leading to hair loss as well.

What are the symptoms of Hair loss?

Look out for these symptoms, if your child has any one of them.

  • Bald patches on the scalp.
  • Loss of hair from the entire body.
  • Excessive hair loss but not complete vanishing from the entire body.
  • Spots of broken hair and scattered hair loss.

If anyone of them seems to be present in your child, visit a doctor immediately.

What are the causes of Hair loss?

There can be many causes which can affect hair growth but, if the cause is related to a medical condition then, it can be quite harmful!

Here are the possible medical conditions which can prove harmful-:

  • Alopecia Areata – This condition results in oval patches of hair fallout from certain portions of the head. It is a condition that appears when the body’s immunization attacks the hair follicles. About 25% of affected kids also suffer from ridging nails.
  • Tinea Capitis – Also known as ringworms of the scalp, this is a type of fungal infections that are often seen in children. It causes oval shaped scaly spots on the head due to breakage of hair and the remaining roots seem like black spots.
  • Telogen Effluvium – If your child has undergone some kind of trauma, be it physical or psychological, it can cause the hair follicles to enter into the resting phase and within 6 to 16 weeks there can be excessive hair fall leaving your child with baldness.
  • Trichotillomania – Stress or anxiety can cause your child to pull out his/her own hair. This results in scattered hair loss and broken hair which is prominent on the sides of the head. This could be equally harmful as the hair particles get affected and may not growth properly then after
  • Lack of Nutrients – Nutritional deficiency can cause hair loss if your child lacks vitamin A, B complex and biotin it can trigger hair fall.

Well, as child baldness is also a possibility, look for immediate treatment if any of the issues are being faced by your child. An alert mind is a great trigger to a healthy future!

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