The Unhealthiest Indian Snacks

Are the street food items your ultimate hunger saver? And the quick samosa bites are your all-time favorite? We are all surrounded by food! Every street we cross by, have at least five street vendors selling some quickly prepared snacks!

The unhealthiest indian snacks

While, the tongue loves to try all, how about checking out what’s good for the delicate stomach? Street food items are generally deep fried or a mixture of various sauces. As the name spells all itself, its sold out on the streets and you won’t find Indian streets dust free, which means, you’re indirectly eating or drinking something unhealthy!

Here are the common unhealthiest indian snacks :

1. Samosa

Samosa is mandatory on all occasions! Every birthday party, a get together or just some casual outings, you can see samosa every time, everywhere! The crispy hunger buddy carries 25g fat per piece and yes, you take it all in the belly as just an appetizer!

2. Chole Bhature

That hefty bhatura, or do you prefer the potato stuffed one? God! save the horror! Two bhatura and a bowl full of chole can pack you with 50g of fat and 1200 calories!  It’s the unhealthiest one in which you are dying to squeeze a lemon and drop a bite in your mouth!

3. Pani Puri

You may call it Gol gappas or puchkas! Whatever be the name, the oil soaked puri is all ready to get some trouble in your belly! The sauce mixed with water is definitely the cherry on the cake when it comes to calling it unhealthy! Does the vendor even use drinkable water?

4. Jalebi

Oh! The crispy sugar syrup dipped desert is a perfect fit for all occasions. Okay! You just had one! Each jalebi is dibbed in core sugar syrup which is mixed with artificial food coloring and moreover, do you know if the jalebi batter was fresh enough to be cooked? Better luck stomach!

5. Vada

Coming to the south delight! The deep fried balls with the cute hole, aren’t they the appropriate one for tea time munching? The unavoidable fragrance and the authentic South Indian touch can make you pay later! The deep fried snack is a total No when health is your priority!

Wondering what to have? Switch to healthy substitutes for a healthy stomach and fit mind!

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