Unknown Benefits of Exercising during Pregnancy

Expecting your First Baby? It’s wonderful to feel the changes in the body and making a new life evolve in you! While a lot of advice would have been a part of your daily schedule, rely only on the one you’re most comfortable with!

A healthy pregnancy starts with a healthy weight and active lifestyle. It may sound indifferent but, exercising during Pregnancy can be good for the baby and even better for you! While you may think it is the perfect time to sit back relaxing and carrying the baby fat won’t be a matter of concern, the fact is, unless you’re advised complete rest or experiencing some complications, sitting on your sofa won’t help much!

Pregnancy is the best time to stay active and develop a routine, you might not have exercised before conceiving but, the 9-month long tenure is enough to let you feel the need to stay fit. Make sure you’re having the approval of your Health Care Provider before starting Pre-Natal Exercises.

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Below are some unknown benefits of exercising during pregnancy :-

1. Gain Less Weight

Research says you might put on 7 pounds less than pregnant women who don’t work out. Nearly every lady stays on the healthy weight scale but exercising can be great when you’re expecting a quick back in shape post-delivery.

2. Easy Labor & Delivery

Nobody can assure though, but string abs and the fit cardiovascular system can give you more oomph and stamina for pushing the baby down (in case of normal delivery). A study reveals that prenatal water aerobics on daily basis had 58% fewer chances of consuming pain medications during labor.

3. Mood Control

It is obvious to have multiple mood swings during pregnancy, an entire life is going under construction in your womb, you may feel severe mood swings at times. But, in case of active women, the moods stay better making it less likely to go negative and disappointed!

4. Less Constipation

Constipation and indigestion is the most common issue throughout the pregnancy. The reason being, pregnant women generally tend to overeat in the myth of feeling hungry all the time. Their intestinal tracts often get backed up due to high progesterone levels and a growing uterus. Exercising in this case along with a high fiber diet keeps the digestive system healthy.

5. Healthy Delivery

You are most likely to deliver a Healthy Baby, with an optimum body weight if exercising is included in your daily schedule. The babies born with excess fat generally become overweight and moms with gestational diabetes are more prone to develop diabetes later in life.

With the bountiful benefits coming your way, make your pregnancy a happy time for you and your Kid!

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