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Immunize On Time, Every Time

Immunisation protects the community against vaccine-preventable diseases. Each vaccine plays an important role, so timely vaccination is the best way to protect your child. According to the recommended Immunization schedule for persons 0 - 6 years of age, children may receive up to 24 vaccinations to protect them from up to 14 diseases by the time they're 2 years of age

Immunization Schedules

Easy-to-read Schedules for All Ages

Vaccines and Preventable Diseases

How it Works

HeyCare has been created particularly for parents to recall the essential immunization dates and keep a track of the vaccination schedule of their child

Don't Wait. Save the date to Vaccinate!!

It's essential you never miss an immunization, yet it's difficult to know precisely what's required, and when. That is the place where HeyCare can help.

  • Vaccination is the best way to protect your child from serious diseases
  • By vaccinating you are ensuring your child as well as the broader community
  • The more people vaccinate their children, the more we can control serious vaccine-preventable diseases