5 Common Ways Your Office Job is Ruining Your Health

Love your desk job? Really? Think twice! While we stay busy most of the time working in front of screen, an important element gets missed in between. No! it’s not entertainment, it’s a strong warning which may land you in danger.

5 Common Ways Your Office Job is ruining your health
Health! Anything in the world can wait but health can never. Our work is important but keeping a check on your health carries more importance. We always get engrossed in work and often then forget to think what is missing on the health part. Let’s see what can our 9-5 job do to our health.

5 Factors which are ruining your health :-

1. Sticking to the office chair all day : Sitting on the office chair for long hours is a proof of a work oriented employee rite? Being good to your company is superb but, kindly love yourself too! Health issues like lower back pain, posture pain, obesity and even cancer can hit you in case of sitting continuously for more than 6 hours a day. Take short breaks or stand from your chair for a while moving a little. If you have a chair with a back support, then it can help in improving your posture.

2. Working for more than 10 hours a day :  If you are working for 10 or more hours in a day then you are at a higher risk of facing issues like cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and angina.

3. Staring the computer screen : It’s true that your computer does not emit any harmful radiation but, constantly staring the screen can give away headache and even migraine! To prevent it you can sit back closing your eyes for a minute between short intervals, do this repeatedly every hour and it can make you feel much relaxed.

4. Typing too much : Too much typing can cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), it is a wrist strain which can even cause issues up till your arms. It can worsen to create permanent muscle wasting and nerve damage.

5. Eating junk at the lunch time : Once in a while outing is a separate issue but, having junk on regular basis can be dangerous enough for your health. Junk food has double calories than the normal one of the same size. One should avoid regular outings and fast food intake.

Staying healthy and fit is not only a necessity but, it’s mandatory to lead a happy life. Try and make your work life balanced with health because “One is always rite, when he is – Healthy, wealthy and wise!

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