Exercise or Sleep? What’s the Priority?

Winters are lazy, you always need 5 minutes more sleep or your convenient all-day cozy! But, what about the workout schedule? Which is more important, Exercise or Enough Sleep? Though both hold equal importance in terms of health, is it necessary to sacrifice one?

When hard work and rest are two options, who will choose the prior? Quality sleep and regular exercise both help you in keeping the body functioning at its best. In fact, they go hand in hand, skipping even one isn’t a good idea! So, what to choose then? Read on to find out.

Why is Sleep imperative?

Research shows that getting less than seven hours of sleep could lead you to shorten your workouts! Running low on sound sleep can make you less motivated to lace up your sneakers and get yourself moving. This can be a reason for higher exertion and fatigue. But, this doesn’t really mean sleep is a smart pick between the two. It’s a proven fact that if you work out for a decent time in a day, you will probably have a better sleep quality at night.

Why Workout?

Ever seen the sleep hour timing bar ranging from 7-9 hours? It’s because there’s no one fit for all! If you aren’t sleeping the standard eight hours but still feel rested enough, then there’s no reason to skip the exercise regime. On the contrary, if you feel like drowning eyes and sleepy head, you probably need some more bedtime! Always make an effort to move, snoozing isn’t the best option for 5 more minutes in bed. Make a habit of early to bed so your mornings are fresh and daisy.

What to do then?

At times in the day, you feel like too weak to do literally anything! It’s a good idea to exercise on the morning because daytime generally encourages you to doze off. And if you push your body to work out at that time, you might end up feeling weaker and crabbier, this can even trigger hunger, especially cravings for the carb.

The solution could be – Listen to your body!  When at times you feel too sleepy, skip your exercise schedule for the morning but, do intense workout short sessions when you wake up. For the ones who have their working schedules like hell can be better suited for evening schedule, with 20-30 minutes work out session. Remember, you shouldn’t ever make it a habit of skipping either sleep or workout. It should be both at the same level, managed appropriately.

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