Brisk Walking or Running, What Solves the Purpose?

Are you a fitness lover or need a major calorie burn? It’s something you need to decide before choosing either brisk walking or running. Exercise should be a major part of daily routine, as a daily 30-minute activity can benefit your body as well as the mind.

Since the running part is pretty intense, it makes you lose weight faster in comparison to brisk walking, while walking can be the best pick when you are focusing on maintaining a healthy weight or just a fitness freak! Though stats say that 60 minutes of walking is equal to 30 minutes of running, being a vigorous activity running makes you sweat more and lose the extra kilos rapidly.

Still confused what to choose? Hang on! We’ve more stuff for clarity!

Enhancing Brisk Walking

While choosing brisk walking why not take on the maximum benefits? As a beginner, start with 20 minutes power walk at least thrice a week, increase the tenure once your body is comfortable with the prior schedule. Include the following walking workouts for quick results :-

  • Hold an exercise band in your arms while you walk to tine the upper body
  • Tighten the butt as you are willing to firm up
  • Go for lunges as you cool down post walking, this is a better stretch to the body

Walking is the best exercise for keeping the tiniest muscle working and active without putting the pressure on the joints. It lowers the BMI and keeps you going healthy.

Is Running Good for Health?

You always need a warm-up before hopping on to a vigorous activity. Running is too intense, unlike professional athletes, a layman may not a healthy eater or a physical fit being. Studies reveal that “today people as young as 20 are getting heart attacks on the treadmill. Also, having low endurance levels and being unprepared can be detrimental to the heart.” Running increase, the blood flows to the heart instantly which may lead to inflammation in the coronary arteries leading to minor blockages, blood clot, and tissue tear.

Running have some added benefits ranging from keeping you heart healthy, boost the mood and burning a good number of calories. Though overdoing the same (if body disallows) can be dangerous, they may put a strain on the joints and result in injuries.

A safe choice should be the foremost priority! Choose the best and stay healthy!

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