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It's the age of machines and with every aspect of human interaction turning virtual, the healthcare industry too is undergoing a revamp. Whether it's an appointment with a doctor, managing your medication, refilling your medical supplies or keeping track of your child's vaccination schedule - HeyCare takes care of it all



  • After using HeyCare, my life has become a lot easier as I get doorstep delivery of my medicines in a few hours of placing order. What delights me more is the huge savings on anything that I buy using HeyCare wallet.

    Ratna Prajapati

  • I received all the medicines listed in my prescription within a few hours. Not just my medicines, HeyCare also helps by reminding me of taking them on time. Life has become easier and stress free when it comes to take care of the self.

    Sunita Seth

  • Now my patients don't feel guilty of not taking their medicines on time! I feel good when they tell me that there is a gradual improvement in their health as they are taking all their medicines on time. Thanks to HeyCare for being a personal assistant to my patients out there.

    Dinesh Lalwani

  • Simply the best! This is what comes to my mind whenever I use HeyCare. I recommend this app to all.

    Rohit Kanwar

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How It Works

Using the HeyCare app is simple, and easy. All that users need to do is to download the app and register themselves with their basic health information. Thereafter, users have the complete control of the app - they can create, edit, set reminds; place purchase/ delivery orders for prescription drugs; or simply upload and view their medical records

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